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  • Food – Preparing and Storing It – A Few Handy Tips
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] In these days of advanced awareness of the shortages in the world and the recent economic problems in the whole world, but especially in the rich Western countries, which are the powerhouses of most Third World countries’ development, people are more aware of waste. It is a sin again to waste food, like it was 50 years ago.
  • Preparing Food – A Few More Tips
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] In these days of fast food and pre-cooked meals, people have largely forgotten how to prepare food or at least treat food wit the respect it deserves and these days, preparing food properly is more important than ever. Why? Because it seems that farmers have lost respect for the animals that make them a living.
  • Financial Statements
    [Business:Accounting] Financial statements are unlike day to day accounting records, because they give a bigger picture. They do not tell you whether you made a profit yesterday or whether that line of Teddy Bears made you 20%, but they will tell you whether your business is heading in the right direction or not.
  • Mathematics – Important Dates Before Christ
    [Reference-and-Education:Science] Mathematics is one of those subjects that you either love or you hat, is it not? Unfortunately, most people say that they hate it. I think that this is a real shame, because it is almost trendy to not like mathematics and yet it is so important a factor in everyone’s life. I venture to guess that everyone uses mathematics every hour of every day that they are awake.
  • Gardening – A Few Tips to Keep the Place Looking Good
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] Gardening is a great hobby for both the young and the old alike. It is good for the older person, because it gives a reason to stay active in retirement and maintains the value of your property should you wish to sell it and move on somewhere else later. A house with a well maintained garden will always sell before a similar house with an old car on the lawn.
  • Partnerships – In All Its Guises
    [Business:Management] This article will concentrate on partnerships. A partnership exists when two or more people share in the ownership of a business. By agreement the partners decide the amount of money and time that each partner will invest in the business and the percentage of the profits that each will receive. The extent of each partner’s…
  • Classifying Human Beings
    [Reference-and-Education:Science] The scientific study of living creatures seems to have begun with Aristotle, although early man probably experimented with breeding dogs for speed or size 16,000 years ago. In the 17th century, biology came to include the then known life sciences of zoology (the study of animals), botany (the study of plants) and taxonomy (the classification of living things).
  • Business Financial Records
    [Business:Accounting] The maintenance of good financial records is a necessary part of carrying on a legitimate business. Increased regulation means that more and more records have to be maintained, but a good business person would keep such records for himself whether the government requires it or not.
  • Creating Meaningful Financial Records
    [Business:Accounting] Given that the government requires every business to provide legible financial accounts for their business activities and also that a manager/owner cannot possibly know where his business is or how it is doing without them, it is vital to prepare and maintain decent, traditional financial records according to a recognized system such as the double-entry book-keeping method. In a typical double-entry book-keeping system, a transaction enters your system in (one of) the journal(s), which are also called the books of original entry. These entries are simply chronological entries of any transaction.
  • Corporations Or Limited Companies
    [Legal:Corporations-LLC] This article will concentrate on corporations. A corporation differs from other legal forms of business in that the law considers it to be an artificial legal being, possessing the same rights and responsibilities of an actual person. It has an existence separate from its owners and as such can sue and be sued, own property, agree to contracts, and engage in business. Additionally, because it is a legal, separate entity, it can continue to exist even after a change of owners.
  • Sole Proprietorship
    [Business:Solo-Professionals] It is very important to the future of your business to choose the correct legal entity for it from the very beginning. This is because the type of legal entity you select, affects the decision-making process, your legal responsibilities and your ability to raise finance.
  • Mathematics – An Introduction
    [Reference-and-Education] It is noticeable that a disproportionate number of ‘celebrities’ like to say in public, on TV or wherever, that they are ‘hopeless at maths’. What could be the reason for this? Is it because they consider the public to be stupid and they want to appear to be one of the gang? Or are they genuinely less intelligent than the average Joe? Whatever the answer is, I wish that they would keep that information to themselves, because it gives school children a reason for giving up on the subject to.
  • Structuring Your Business
    [Business:Small-Business] The type of legal formation you select for your business can have a most important influence on the success or failure of your undertaking. This is because your ability to take decisions speedily, to compete in the market-place and raise extra money if necessary is directly related to the legal structure of that business.
  • Astronomy – An Introduction
    [Reference-and-Education:Astronomy] Although astronomy is the oldest science, it continues to be at the forefront of not only scientific thought, but that of the public at large too. Who has not looked up at the galaxy while walking home late at night and wondered? Having said that though, the ancient people of certainly the northern hemisphere, but probably both, knew the movements of the stars and planets better than most of us do nowadays.
  • Astronomy – Important Dates Before Christ
    [Reference-and-Education:Science] There is no doubt that astronomy is the oldest science and there is also no doubt that astronomy was being studied by everyone, not only the wisemen, thousands and thousands of years ago. We do not know exactly why they did it, but we can surmise that early man noticed a correlation between the weather and the stars, which were themselves not fully understood, of course.
  • Gardening – Another Five Tips
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] A garden is a great place for people of all ages. I think that it is important for children to become interested in the garden from an early age so that they will know something about flowers, insects and soil, even if their school and working lives leave them too busy in later years to take advantage of a garden. An academic child will get precious little time to spend outside when he or she is in school and few adults in their twenties, thirties and forties can find the time. Childhood memories of a garden will be useful then.
  • Flowers in the House – My Five Top Tips
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] Flowers are a wonderful improvement to any room in any house. Some people say to take flowers out of a sick room at night, but really, if you are going to leave a door or a window open after dark, the plants are not going to suffocate the sick person or even deprive them of any oxygen.
  • Sewing – Five Top Tips For Repairs
    [Home-and-Family:Crafts-Hobbies] Not so long ago, maybe 30 years ago, it was quite normal for clothes to be repaired. I was one of five boys and, as you can imagine, our clothes had a a hard and short life. Or at least they would have had, if it were not for the fact that my mother and her mother used to repair our clothes. But it was not only my mother, far from it, everybody wore repaired clothes and people became very good at it. You could often not see the mend.
  • Computer Cases
    [Computers-and-Technology:Hardware] Is your computer’s case or housing of any importance to you? You might be asking yourself the question: why should it be? The fact is that the computer case is vital to the computer itself and also to some people.
  • Anti-Virus Software
    [Computers-and-Technology:Software] If you access the Internet, you definitely need anti-virus software. It does not matter whether you do not use a computer. Whatever you use to get on line you need anti-virus software. Although there are hundreds of malicious idiots producing viruses to harass those who access the Internet from a computer, there is an growing number who are targeting mobile phone users as well.
  • Drinking – Five Ways to Get the Most Enjoyment
    [Food-and-Drink] Drinking, in all of its forms, is one of the simplest sources of pleasure in life, whether you are a tee-totaller or not. All peoples’ from all cultures in all nations around the world use drinking to demostrate celebration of some important event or other from births, marriages and even deaths to birthdays, anniversaries in general and graduation in all its forms too.
  • Preparing Food – Six Good Tips
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] The preparation of food is an art in itself. Correct storage and presentation are also important. However, this article is about preparation – the art of cooking food properly so that it not only tastes good, but so that you do not poison yourself and others too.
  • Food Preparation – Six More Good Tips
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] If you you like to cook for yourself, your family or and your friend, I am sure you take pride in the preparation of your food. Little things, attention to detail can make all the difference between a competent meal and a really lovely meal prepared with love. Many of the things you can do are indeed small as the expression ‘attention to detail’ implies.
  • Gardening – My Five Favourite Top Tips
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] Gardening is a favourite pastime in many parts of the world, especially in the more developed, richer parts of the world, where people have some free time from the daily drudgery of finding food for the family. It is also a great way to keep yourself fit and your home looking good, which will make it easier to sell if you wanted to and add value to it.
  • Do it Yourself (DIY) – Five Good Painting Tips
    [Home-Improvement:Painting] Do it yourself or DIY home improvements are all the rage these days – everyone is at. In fact, it can be good fun especially if a team of people work together on a project. This could be a couple, a family or a party, such as a painting party. Health and safety has to be taken into account if children are helping or there is alcohol involved, but really the dangers indoors are minimal, unless you are rewiring your house!
  • Garden Animals – My Favourite Top Nine Tips
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] Wild garden animals and how you deal with them is a very touchy subject for a lot of people. For example, it is no longer so socially acceptable to poison moles and badgers or shoot squirrels and deer, although they are still a problem to some people.
  • Food – Five Tips on Storing it
    [Food-and-Drink] Food is a scarce commodity in many parts of the world and we in the West are just beginning to realize, what other nations have known for tens if not hundreds of years. Or I should say, we are relearning what our ancestors knew a hundred years ago, but what we ourselves have never experienced. We have all missed a meal or been on a diet but that is not the same as hunger. If you have a fridge full of food, you know where the next meal can come from.
  • Wine – Five Ways to Get the Most Enjoyment
    [Food-and-Drink:Wine-Spirits] Wine is such a lovely drink, is it not? I have not found a situation of relaxation after work that could not be enhanced by a glass of wine. Wine as a drink is so versatile. There is one type or another for every occasion. Think of a wedding, and you think of champagne; think of a fiftieth anniversary, and you think of champagne, do you not?
  • Looking Good, Feeling Great – Five Tips
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews:Fashion-Style] Women everywhere have always understood the importance of looking good, because they know that most men select a mate with their eyes, that is on looks. Western men have been luckier in this regard, because women select men on not only this criterium, which has lead a lot of men to neglect their appearance in the past. Not totally, of course, but just enough so that they are not thought effeminate.
  • Making Up – My Five Top Tips
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews:Fashion-Style] Make up has been very important to men and women from time immemorial. Western men used to use make up too, especially a form of talcum powder until the Victorian era, which began in the middle of the nineteenth century. Again, in the West, this state of affairs continued until about the nineties, when men tentative began to rediscover the joys of make up, such as they are.
  • Looking Good and Feeling Right – Five Top Tips
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews:Fashion-Style] We all know the importance of looking good, but we do not all know how to achieve this confidence-generating state. Well, I think that it is quite simply a question of feeling right. If you feel right, you gain confidence and a confident person looks good.
  • Home Remedies – My Top Five Tips
    [Health-and-Fitness:Home-Health-Care] A hundred and fifty years ago in the West, most people could not afford to go to the doctor if they were sick. In fact, it was not always much help going to the doctor either. Medicine was not advanced and doctors had very strange ideas about how to cure people of some illnesses even though they had high social status as educated men and experts. Most of them probably had less idea about how the body works and therefore how to cure it that the average well-educated person of today.
  • Animals – My Five Top Tips For Caring For Them
    [Pets] People around the world have different attitudes towards animals. We definitely do not all have the same attitude towards our pets and wild animals. However, if it only dependent on which country you come from it would be easy, but often different classes within society have different attitudes too.
  • Aches and Pains – Five Top Tips
    [Health-and-Fitness:Home-Health-Care] The journey through life is pock marked by serious illness or broken limbs. No one ever forgets something like having chicken pox when he was twelve or a broken leg when she was eight. However, these relatively serious setbacks are usually taken care of for you by someone with experience such as a doctor, a nurse or your parents or even all three.
  • The Razor Kick Scooter Series
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews] The Razor kick scooter is the present-day counterpart of the type of scooter that has been about for 50 years or more. In actuality, kids have almost certainly been fixing boards to wheels ever since scrap wheels became available. As with those classic scooters, the Razor kick scooter is propelled forward by foot power. That is, you put one foot on the board and push forward, or in other words kick back on the ground with the other.
  • Traveling – Five Helpful Tips
    [Travel-and-Leisure] Despite the hard times that the world as a whole is experiencing at the moment, there is still a great deal of traveling going on. Not so long ago, traveling and especially long distance traveling was the privilege of the business person and the rich in general.
  • Motoring – Six Great Tips
    [Travel-and-Leisure] I used to love driving and I am sure that the young always do. but as I have got older, I do not like it so much, but that is because the roads are busier, my eyesight is not what it used to be and nor are my reactions, I suspect. I am not that keen on road rage either. Nevertheless, I learned a lot about driving over the thirty-five years I was driving and I would like to pass six of my favourite tips on to you now.
  • International and Inter-Racial Dating
    [Relationships:Dating] This article is about my experiences of international and inter-racial dating. It is purely an account of what I have witnessed and experienced myself over the course of my life so far, although at 55 years old, I am nearer the end of it than the beginning. It is my advice on handling an international or inter-racial relationship.
  • Wonderful Wolff Tanning Beds
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews:Electronics] What is one of the greatest feelings you can have? In spite of what some of you may say, most individuals would accede that balmy weather and a tanned skin is up there near the top. One of the most popular holidays is being on the seashore, soaking up the sun’s rays to get a tan and a warm glow and individuals continue to do it, regardless of admonishing hazards of melanoma or skin cancer.
  • The Razor a Scooter and Its Benefits
    [Automotive:Motorcycles] The Razor A scooter is a fantastic idea for anybody wanting to remain fit. These days numerous individuals are office-bound and we all appear to have less time for just going out for a walk, which is the age-old remedy for gaining a few pounds. The Razor A scooter can help you here.
  • Racquet Bug Zappers
    [Home-Improvement:Pest-Control] The bug zapper is the best way of ridding the area around you of insects, especially the flying ones like mosquitoes. The bug zapper evaporates any insect from a mosquito to a gnat instantly on contact with a pleasingly loud, electrical ‘crack’!
  • What is a Bug Zapper?
    [Home-Improvement:Pest-Control] If you aren’t already familiar with the racquet bug zapper, you are really going to like it and if you have used one before, I’m sure you’ll welcome it back like an old friend! The bug zapper does just what it says: it zaps bugs. But it does it really, really well.
  • Setting Goals For Your Business’ Success
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] When you are in business, especially in the start-up stage, you will need to be able to judge the success or otherwise of your actions. One way to do this and increase your chances of success at the same time is the setting of goals. These goals should relate to the accomplishment of the various tasks related to the formation and operation of your own business.
  • Business – Which Premise Shall I Choose Exactly?
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] So, you have your business idea, business plan and you know which community you want to work and live in. You have come long way from those early days when running your own business was a pipe dream. However, you still need to house your business, do you not? I shall assume for the purposes of this article that you have chosen a to, let us say a busy high street to call home.
  • Business – Where Do You Put It? (Part Two)
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] In this first part of this article, I talked about where you should establish your business. I gave the three most important considerations for your decision, because as estate agents say, it all depends on location, location, location. I pointed out in that article that you should ask yourself these three key questions.
  • Business – Where Should I Locate it Exactly?
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] Once you have decided what you want to sell you have to decide which community is the best for your business and yourself. This general decision is reached by considering the population and the environment of where you think it would be good. You can best come to a decision by asking yourself four basic questions such as…
  • Business Premises – The Layout
    [Business] So, you are all set and raring to go, but you know you have to do something about the premises first. Good, you should be thinking along those lines, because once you stock up it will be too late to call the builders and the decorators in for at least a year or so. Therefore, it is time to make sure that your building is ‘fit for purpose’, before you redecorate.
  • Business Premises – Looking Good
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] For the purposes of this article, I will assume that you have decided what you are going to sell; that you have chosen a community to place your premises that meets all the basic criteria for selection and that you will be happy to work and live in it. I will also assume that you have scientifically chosen a street that suits your business needs and that you have selected a location in that street.
  • Business – Where Do You Put It? (Part One)
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] So, you have your business idea, your business plan and everything else is in place, but you do not have a place to put it. That will be your next problem and it is a question that has vexed nearly every entrepreneur before you to. There is no point belittling the fact that location can make or break a business. As the estate agents say: location, location, location. In fact, the problem is so big that you can not afford to leave it to the whimsy of your personal choice. Big business realizes that and a supermarket looking for new premises can take years agonizing over the decision.
  • Business – Which One is Best For You?
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] Have you already decided which type of business you would like to open? Or are you mulling over a few alternatives? Or do you not have much of an idea about what to do yet, but you just know that you want to start some sort business for yourself? Whatever state you are in, the principal question remains the same, namely:how can you tell if you have a sure-fire winning idea?
  • Can You Run Your Own Business?
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] Do you have what it takes to run your own business? Have you already tried and failed or are you on the verge of starting your own business and wondering whether you have the ability to succeed or not? Well, the question of who is fit to run his or her own business is obviously a very tricky one and equally obviously people disagree whether there is a ‘formulaic person’ who cannot fail in his private business ventures.
  • Loans For Christmas Shopping – Good Idea Or Not?
    [Finance:Personal-Loans] When the Christmas festivities come around, it is a time once again for the giving and receiving of gifts between friends, family and associates. The way it usually works is that if you see an item that you know someone you love or like very much or something that they have wanted for a long time, then you will mull over buying it for them as a present to be given at or around Christmas, depending where your family comes from, because not all Christian countries give Christmas gifts on the same day.
  • About the House – Five Tips For Polished Things
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] Cleaning and polishing used to be taken very seriously by the lady of the house. I suppose it still is in some quarters, but I do not think that anyone would deny that standards have and are slipping, despite the mechanical and chemical cleaning aids.
  • Cleaning Kitchen Things – 5 More Top Tips
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] We all know how important hygiene is and it is nowhere truer than in the kitchen. I do not know the reason, either the bugs have got stronger of humankind has got weaker. Or perhaps it is a bit of both. Not so long ago, say between the First and Second World Wars, the average person had less access to all the cleaning gear we have now and so the human immune system just had to cope.
  • Laundry List of 5 Top Tips
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] If there’s one chore we are nearly all saddled with it’s the laundry. Doing the washing. Some people have special tips on how to get unusual stains out of fabrics and others have tips on how to treat expensive fabrics like silk, leather and lambs wool. I have put five of my favourite tips below, but first I want to remind you of a traditional English rhyme:
  • Cleaning Kitchen Things – 5 Top Tips
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] Everybody is worried about food poisoning these days. It started with the salmonella threat, so people stopped eating raw eggs. Then there was a warning about eating rice from the night before that had not been thoroughly reheated, because it could cause campylobacter. That was followed by mad cow disease, which was followed by scrapies and the blue tongue, now it’ chicken flu and swine flu. When will it all stop?
  • Presents and Gifts – 5 Top Tips
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews:Gifts] It is a worldwide custom to give gifts for such occasions as birthdays and wedding days, but after that is where the regions start to differ. Britons and people tracing there history back there give presents on Christmas Day too. However, many other Europeans give presents at Christmas on Saint Nicholas” Day or December 6th. Non-Christian countries usually give presents at New Year.
  • Do-it-Yourself – 5 Top DIY Tips
    [Home-Improvement:DIY] Everyone is having a go at Do-It-Yourself these days, aren’t they? From grandmothers to grandsons, people all over the western world are trying their hand at minor repairs. Some are even more adventurous and are taking on major projects like garages or extensions and remodelling their bathrooms or kitchens. This is due to the economic downturn to a certain extent, but even more, I believe, to all the DIY programmes on TV.
  • Gardening – 5 Top Tips
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] Gardening is very popular with those in retirement. It covers all those bases, does not have to be expensive, although you can spend as much as you want, it gives you plenty of exercise, involves a considerable amount of planning, enhances the appearance and therefore the value of your property and you can sell any excess produce.
  • Cataract Removal Surgery
    [Health-and-Fitness:Eyes-Vision] I went to Pattaya, Thailand to the Bangkok-Pattaya hospital to have a cataract removed from my left eye after hearing that the hospital’s reputation for eye surgery was second to none in the world. There are several types of operation to remove cataracts but mine was done by ultra-sound. This article is more about the recovery than the operation itself, but I will just run through that too as it has a bearing on the recovery process.
  • Preparing Food – Five Top Tips
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] Cooking was traditionally ‘women’s work’ and still is in many countries. Having said that my mother taught me to prepare and cook tradition Welsh food in the Fifties and Sixties, although with no daughters maybe she did not have any alternative. I now live in a traditional Thai village in northern Thailand. In that village, women take care of the kids if they have any otherwise they work in the fields along side their menfolk. Women with children will cook for their men returning from work, but in families where both work, they take it in turns. All men tend to cook on holidays.
  • Thailand – Why I Live There
    [Travel-and-Leisure] After my first night out in Pattaya, Thailand, when I met a woman on a blind date organized by one of my best friends, I sat up in bed and I recalled the details of the night before. We had started in The Pig and Whistle, where I was staying on Soi 7. The Pig is a lovely, quiet, serene, air-conditioned oasis of tranquility in a street, which is one of the liveliest, noisiest and busiest streets in Pattaya.
  • Sports and Leisure – 6 Great Tips
    [Recreation-and-Sports] We are all being encouraged to participate more in sports, which also means that I would have less time for leisure, so it has always been a mystery to me why people tend to bundle them together. I suppose they mean it as one or other of sport and leisure as opposed to work.
  • Thailand – Arrival in Pattaya
    [Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] I was very happy when we pulled away from Don Muang airport. I had got over the first obstacle – that of getting a taxi to Pattaya without being ripped off. I sat in the back, which I was asked to do, although in Europe, I typically have a preference to sit up front with the driver for a conversation if I’m travelling alone. Anyway, I sat in the back and looked around me; I soon guessed that the driver did not understand English. I did not have a difficulty with that and settled down to look at the barren scenery in silence.
  • Thailand – Arrival in Bangkok
    [Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] I went to the Jazz festival as intended with a friend in his vehicle and we had a terrific weekend, He knew that I was going to Thailand the next day and he was surprised that I was going so far at the drop of a hat. So was I actually, but I did not say anything. That evening, when I got back home, I did my laundry, put it in the tumble-dryer and walked up to the pub to ask a friend to keep an eye on my house while I was gone. An hour later, I was back home packing and full of expectation for what tomorrow would bring.
  • 6 More Travelling Tips
    [Travel-and-Leisure] Travelling is great fun, but it can be stressful, especially if you have to make lots of connections. I have put six of my favourite travelling tips below.
  • 6 Traveling Tips
    [Travel-and-Leisure] Traveling can be a stressful experience, so any way of reducing that stress and making your journey and stay more enjoyable has got to be good. Here are half a dozen of my top traveling tips.
  • Drinking – Five Favourite Tips
    [Food-and-Drink] Everybody likes a drink, whether you are a T-Totataller or not. Sure, it does not have to be an alcoholic drink. There is a innate sense in every people and every person to celebrate with a drink.
  • Do it Yourself – 5 Top DIY Tips
    [Home-Improvement:DIY] These days the television schedules are full of DIY programs on home improvement. This is all very well for the TV companies, it is cheap television for them, but the fact remains that they are very popular too. This is because of the recent rise in house prices and the escalating cost of hiring a professional.
  • Driving Tips – 5 of the Best
    [Automotive] People do a lot more driving these days than they ever did before, although I think that more people drove for pleasure thirty or forty years ago. People worked hard, but tended to take the family out for a drive on Sundays. The whole family would go, aunties, uncles, grandparents the lot, crammed into a couple of cars and a scooter.
  • Thinking Ahead – 5 Top Tips
    [Self-Improvement:Organizing] Thinking ahead saves you time and money and maybe more. That old Boy Scout motto really is a good one: “Be Prepared”. “Fore-warned is fore-armed” is another good one. They both point to the value of thinking ahead. So here are five of my favourite tips for thinking ahead.
  • Food – Five Tips on Storing Food
    [Food-and-Drink] There can not be many people who do not enjoy their food, but the human race, being what it is, I presume that there are a few of them. However, for the remainder of us, cuisine is a source of daily pleasure and, like a beverage, it is frequently employed to denote a happy event.
  • Using Student Loans Sensibly
    [Finance:Student-Loans] Student loans are the most common form of student aid these days. In general, those in the know say that they make up just over half of all monies that students obtain from outside their families or their own employment every year. However, this increase in the amount of student loans, has brought with it a rise in the number of student loan defaults.
  • Raising Money For Charity – Five Top Ways
    [Business:Fundraising] Many people get a lot of pleasure raising money for charity, some also get a lot of pleasure just trying to raise money for charity. However, there is no doubt that taking part will introduce you to a lot of lovely people, some of whom may become lifelong friends. Being successful at raising money for good causes gives a real buzz, even if that is not why you are supposed to be doing it.
  • Cooking – Five Tips on Cooking Food
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] There can not be many individuals who do not like their food, but the human race, being what it is, I suppose that there are a a small number of them. Nonetheless, for the rest of us, cuisine is a font of daily pleasure and, like a beverage, it is frequently used to commemorate a happy event. not only that, but various foods are eaten for the various meals or distinct events.
  • Food – Five Tips on Cooking Food
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] There can not be a lot of people who do not like their food, but the human race, being what it is, I expect that there are a few of them. Nonetheless, for the remainder of us, cuisine is a source of daily enjoyment and, like drink, it is frequently used to commemorate a celebration.
  • Food – Five Tips For Storing Food
    [Food-and-Drink] There can not be many people who do not like food, but the human race, being what it is, I suppose there are a few. For the rest of us, food is a source of daily enjoyment and, like drink, it is often used to mark a celebration. not only that, but different foodstuffs are used for the different meals or distinct celebrations.
  • Food – Five Tips on Preparing Food
    [Food-and-Drink] There cannot be a lot of people who do not like their food, but the human race, being what it is, I suppose that there are a few of them. However, for the rest of us, cuisine is a font of daily enjoyment and, like a beverage, it is frequently used to denote a happy event. Not only that, but different foodstuffs are used for the various meals or distinct celebrations.
  • Looking Your Best – Five Top Tips
    [Health-and-Fitness:Beauty] Every woman and most men these days are aware of the importance of looking good or at least as good as possible. It matters and there is no way to say that it does not. Maybe it should not, but it does.
  • Health – Five Great Tips For Staying Well
    [Health-and-Fitness] Throughout history, there have always been some people who have been careful or even worried about their health. Likewise, there have always been people who do not worry about it past a certain degree. The difference that the last five or six decades have made is that people are more aware nowadays of the real reasons why some diseases occur.
  • Coping With Kids – 5 Top Tips
    [Home-and-Family:Babies-Toddler] Most people have a soft spot for children, especially if they have or have had their own. Dealing with other people’s children usually takes a bit more patience though, which is one of the reasons why school teachers deserve respect. At least more than they often do get.
  • Living With Animals – 5 Great Tips
    [Pets] I love animals and I’m a bit suspicious of people who say they do not. Do not like any animals at all, I mean. After all, who likes mosquitoes, scorpions and spiders. You have to be a bit special to love them, I should imagine. But some people do, I know.
  • Travelling Tips – Five of the Best
    [Travel-and-Leisure] A lot of us do a lot more travelling than our parents’ generation ever did and although it is probably quicker to get anywhere these days, I don’t think it is as comfortable as it used to be. Travelling is not leisurely any more, unless you go first class, I suppose. Rush here, rush there, queue up, check in, squash yourself into ever narrower seats .
  • Motoring Tips – Five of the Best
    [Automotive] A lot of us do a lot more motoring than our parents’ generation ever did and although it is probably quicker to get anywhere these days due to motorways, freeways and autobahns, I don’t think it is as leisurely as it used to be. Travelling is not leisurely any more, unless you own a first class car, I suppose. Rush here, rush there, queue up in traffic jams, check in, check out.
  • Is Working For Yourself Worth It?
    [Business:Entrepreneurialism] Starting and running your own business is one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding activities anyone can undertake. The possible rewards are boundless as is the opportunity for fulfilling personal ambitions.
  • Budding Linguists Beware
    [Reference-and-Education:Languages] Are you learning a foreign language? If you are still in the state educational system, then this article will not apply to you yet, but may still be of interest. However, if you are paying to learn a foreign language or are living abroad, then this article is for you.
  • Travelling Tips
    [Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Travelling is stressful to a lot of people, but there are things you can do to reduce your anxiety. The most obvious way of reducing stress is preparation. Thinking ahead and trying to plan for the unexpected is not easy, but taking basic precautions is.
  • Mosquitoes – Our Old Enemies
    [Home-Improvement:Pest-Control] Mankind, without any sexist slurs, meaning all of us, has had many enemies over the millenia. The most prolific of them are probably the smallest ones like viruses and bacteria. Most people cannot do much about these threats except wash their hands, rely on doctors’ advice and take medicine, prescribed or otherwise.
  • 5 Tips on Buying Presents
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews:Gifts] It is said that everyone like to receive presents, I am not convinced about that one. I am never sure how to react when I receive a present and I have met one or two others over the course of my life who would rather not be given anything either. Then there is the other maxim, that it is better to give that to receive. I am sure that this must be true, but I go through agonies every year trying to buy presents that will ‘fit’ the recipient mentally and so not disappoint. On the whole, I could do without giving and receiving, but I know that that is considered mean, which I am not. Maybe, I just never learned how to accept a gift graciously.
  • 3 Tips on Thinking Ahead
    [Self-Improvement:Achievement] None of us has as much time as we’d like to have. What with busier working lives and children or spouses, it all adds up. Time just seems to vanish. So, what is the best method of saving time? Well, there is a lot to be said for the old Latin expression ‘Carpe diem’. ‘Seize the day’ or, as we would be more likely to say in the West these days, ‘Seize the opportunity’.
  • 5 Top Motoring Tips
    [Automotive] We all love our cars, don’t we? Where would the average American citizen be without a motor car? How would you get to work?
  • 5 Tips on Cleaning Kitchen Implements
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] Everybody likes to see a clean sparking kitchen with beautiful pots, pans an utensils gleaming. However, it is not easy to produce that result unless you eat out every night. Likewise most people are revolted by even a slightly grubby-looking kitchen, which is why most people don’t ‘leave the washing up until the morning’.
  • 5 Top Drinking Tips
    [Food-and-Drink:Wine-Spirits] Everybody likes a drink, with the possible exception of those poor souls suffering from hydrophobia, but they don’t last long because no one can last long without drinking something, and nearly everything we drink is more than 90% water. Drinking is used in many circumstances.
  • Travelling Tips – My Top 5 Favourites
    [Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Many people find travelling very stressful, but taking a few precautions can greatly build one’s confidence in going away and that should reduce your levels of stress. After all, if you know that you have done all you can, what else can you do, but go? Travelling should be fun.
  • 5 Tips on Raising Money For Charity
    [Business:Fundraising] Some people agree with charities, some people don’t. I think that this is mostly a political question. In an ideal world, charities would not need to exist.
  • 5 Tips on Public Speaking
    [Writing-and-Speaking:Public-Speaking] Most people have a morbid fear of speaking to a large audience: so-called public speaking. I know that I do not find it easy. Some people seem to be able to entertain an audience for hours and it is an enviable skill, However, most of us will only ever be required to address a gathering several times in our entire lives.
  • 5 Tips on Flowers in the House
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] Every house benefits from having flowers in it. Nowadays, many people feel guilty about having cut flowers in their houses, but if they are from your own garden and you only cut half and leave half for the bees and insects, there is no need for it.
  • 5 Tips on Sewing
    [Home-and-Family:Crafts-Hobbies] Sewing seemed to be a dead art in the 1990’s and on into the new millennium. I remember my, mother, my grandmother and all my aunties knitting and sewing or darning whenever they had any free time or indeed while they were watching TV in the late evening once we kids had gone to bed. But I don’t ever remember having a girlfriend who knitted or sewed.
  • 5 Top Tips For About the House
    [Home-and-Family] This article is about household items, moving things and moving house. In short the sorts of things that everyone has to do frequently in their adult lives. Moving House: moving house is such a busy and exciting time.
  • 5 Tips For Cleaning Furnishings
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] Furniture is not cheap and can indeed be very expensive. However, scratches, scrapes and spillages will occur, especially after parties or if you have children. So, how do you get these blemishes out of your furnishings? Here are five top tips for removing them naturally, if not always effortlessly.
  • 5 Tips For Special Occasions
    [Home-and-Family] Special occasions are usually joyous affairs. I’m thinking of birthdays, stag nights and hen nights, weddings, anniversaries, Christenings, graduations etc. Funerals, while not happy are special too, of course.
  • How to Deal With Household Emergencies
    [Reference-and-Education:Survival-and-Emergency] We all have to deal with household emergencies from time to time. Luckily, most of these emergencies are not life-threatening, but they can be expensive, unless you have taken a few precautions. However, sometimes the only precautions you can take is to know what to do if the emergency happens.
  • How to Overhaul and Maintain Your Central Heating
    [Home-Improvement:Heating-and-Air-Conditioning] Overhauling or maintaining your household central heating system may seem like a daunting task, but it is not really that difficult. OK, the first time you do it, it will seem strange and you might be a bit apprehensive, but the next time a lot less so until it becomes almost second nature and you become an expert on your own system at least.
  • The Basic Home Repair Tool Kit – Part Four
    [Home-Improvement:Tools-and-Equipment] Generally speaking, you will need a basic set of four chisels: quarter, half, three-quarters and one full inch in width. They are used for fine work or places where a saw can’t get. If you need to cut across the wood’s grain make a shallow cut at either end of work area, otherwise the chisel will rip the wood too far.
  • The Basic Home Repair Tool Kit – Part Two
    [Home-Improvement:Tools-and-Equipment] The home repair tool kit has undergone a transformation over the years. When I was a boy, there were no power tools in my father’s vast array of tools.
  • The Basic Home Repair Tool Kit – Part One
    [Home-Improvement:Tools-and-Equipment] Wrenches, Pliers, Grips and Snips. The basic home repair tool kit has changed over the years. When I was a boy, I do not remember seeing any power tools in my father’s vast array of carpenters’ tools. The brace-and-bit and folding wooden rule are gone these days. Nowadays, everything needs to be plugged in or recharged. Not a bad thing at all…
  • The Basic Home Repair Tool Kit – Part Three
    [Home-Improvement:Tools-and-Equipment] Hammers, Bars, Tapes, Squares and Levels. The home repair tool kit has undergone a transformation over the years. When I was younger, there were no power tools in my father’s vast array of tools. The brace-and-bit and folding wooden rule have gone. Now, everything needs to be plugged in or recharged. Not a bad thing at all, but not being a carpenter, like my father and his father before him, I wonder how mobile power tools make the professional carpenter.
  • 5 Tips For Cleaning Delicate Objects
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] Most households acquire precious objects over a length of time. You might inherit something from your grandparents or even something from your great-grandparents though your own parents. We all cherish these family heirlooms.
  • How to Get Rid of Stains on Fabric
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] These are my tips for getting rid of stains on every day household fabrics. Work the stain fro the edge towards the centre. If you still experience problems, try adding a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • 5 Tips For Polishing
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] All households have things that they have to or at least should polish. Sometimes, we inherit something from our grandparents or even something from our great-grandparents though our own parents. We all cherish these family heirlooms. But, do you know how to take care of them?
  • Talking in Thailand
    [Travel-and-Leisure] Thailand is a beautiful and varied country and its people are warm and friendly. However, if you come from the West, as I do, some aspects of Thai life are strange and some are baffling. Not in a bad sense, just different.
  • 5 Tips on Doing it Yourself (DIY)
    [Home-Improvement:DIY] In another life, I was a director of a building company that turned over more than $1.5 million a year and it was a long time ago too, and we were creating that turnover for 10 years. I don’t say this to seem impressive, it is just that I want you to know what the building industry thinks of DIY’ers.
  • 5 Tips on Doing the Laundry
    [Home-Improvement:Cleaning-Tips-and-Tools] This is such an important subject! However, most young men do not realize. Young women usually do, unless they have social issues. I wish that teenage boys would realize it too. You can look scruffy, like a pop-star, if you want, but please realize that that guy is rich and will get the girl. If you are skint and look like that, you will NOT.
  • 5 Sport and Leisure Tips
    [Recreation-and-Sports] Sport and leisure are without doubt most people’s favourite topics of conversation (after perhaps their family). Wherever men gather, you will hear them talking about football, baseball (it would be cricket in the UK) or golf. Similarly, women also talk about tennis, athletics, holidays, the gym and, increasingly, football.
  • 5 Tips on How to Enjoy Your Garden
    [Home-and-Family:Gardening] Do you enjoy gardening? Or do you just enjoy being in a beautiful garden or seeing a neighbour’s garden? If you are of the latter variety then shame on you! Your neighbours are providing you with eye-candy and you saying ‘thank you’ by doing what? Showing them concrete? Worse still, by showing them long grass and weeds?
  • 5 Tips on Children
    [Home-and-Family:Babies-Toddler] Ah, children! What a delight, eh? Well, your own are. To you anyway. Children are a joy, if they are brought up correctly, otherwise they can be like a neighbour’s dog that keeps barking all night. If you’re not in the mood, they are annoying. But then, it is always easier to see the faults in other people’s children than those in your own.
  • 5 Tips on Health and Sickness
    [Health-and-Fitness] Our health is our most important asset. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that until they have lost it and spiral into sickness. Often, young people live such a lifestyle that they are setting themselves up for an old age of sickness.
  • 5 Tips About Animals
    [Pets] I do not know anyone who does not like animals. I mean, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t a favourite animal. I know some people who don’t like dogs, but do like cats and I know people who like dogs, but not cats.
  • 5 Tips For Emergency Situations
    [Reference-and-Education:Survival-and-Emergency] Emergencies come unexpectedly, don’t they? That is why they are called emergencies. They are unpredictable, seemingly random events that can bring chaos and mayhem into our ordinarily orderly lives.
  • Top 5 Tips For Looking Good
    [Shopping-and-Product-Reviews:Fashion-Style] It is very important to look good. Most people realize that. Even the scruffy male film star or the rock player has thought about his looks.
  • What is ‘Saving Face’ in Asia?
    [News-and-Society:International] Asian countries believe very strongly in the concept of ‘Face’. In some countries more than others, perhaps, but it is a ubiquitous feature of Asian life. Many Asians live their life by ’saving face’ that is, not embarrassing oneself or another.
  • How to Lose Weight Permanently
    [Health-and-Fitness:Weight-Loss] If you are overweight it can only be for one reason: you are consuming more calories than you are expending. That is what we are old, right? And you have to admit, it has that ring of truth to it.
  • Tips on Etiquette in Thailand
    [Travel-and-Leisure:Destination-Tips] Thailand is a lovely country populated by very friendly people. It is fact populated by many different races of peoples, far more than in the UK or any other European country for example. However, they all seem to get on well together on the whole and generally share common traits.
  • Further Uses For the Bug Zapper
    [Home-and-Family:Entertaining] I don’t know if you have ever used a racquet-style bug zapper, but I think that they are wonderful. I’m talking about the type that looks like a child’s plastic, toy tennis racquet. They come in two basic forms.
  • Is Your Partner a Serial Dater?
    [Relationships:Dating] Most couples have occasional doubts about their partner and often they are unfounded. It is usually very difficult to tell, whether your date or even partner or spouse is a serial dater, but the signs are there, if you want to see them. And I emphasize, if you want to see them.
  • Speed Reading – The First Steps
    [Self-Improvement:Speed-Reading] Nobody actually knows when speed reading was first used, but it may possibly have been a long time in the past. For centuries, reading was the privilege of a minority of the most well-educated people in the world, the vast preponderance of whom were monks and priests. This tiny, select group of men guarded their privilege and were loathe to coach the general public to read.
  • Spitting Cobras
    [Pets:Reptiles-Amphibians] The spitting cobra is one of the most peculiar species of snake as it not only has a deadly bite but it also sprays venom into the eyes of prey and aggressors alike. Contact with the eyes can be very painful and even blinding, therefore, if you accidentally get cobra snake venom in your eyes, wash them out immediately so as to prevent permanent damage to the tissue.
  • How to Attract Masses of Traffic
    [Internet-and-Businesses-Online:Traffic-Building] Just what is the easiest, most reliable, and cheapest way to get a stream of traffic to your website? How to get high-quality traffic is the most frequently asked question by both novice and experienced Internet promoters. And it doesn’t really matter what you’re selling either – products, services or virtual real estate for advertising – you will still require visitors; floods of them. How on earth do you do that?
  • Fixing Your Debt Problems
    [Finance:Debt-Relief] You must differentiate between the various types of financial problems. For example, a financial crisis is when you suffer a situation that can leave you penniless, homeless or without any important property. You ought to separate these kinds of emergency from a threatening phone call or a letter from a debt collector.
  • My Experience With the Atkins Diet – Part 2
    [Health-and-Fitness:Popular-Diets] Some people try to make your life miserable when you are dieting. Everyone could see that I looked better and felt happier, but some people just have to try to spoil it. I was told: many people have died of kidney or liver failure after being on Atkins — I read it in the paper; you will have a heart attack, it’s not natural; your cholesterol will shoot up and you will need your legs amputated or you will have a stroke; it will affect your eyesight. All sorts of drivel.
  • Home Tanning Bed Bulbs
    [Health-and-Fitness:Beauty] There is a wide choice of tanning bed bulbs on the market to suit the home user. Tanning bed bulbs come in all lengths and strengths to suit the various skin types and depths of colouring required. Home tanning bed bulbs meet stringent safety requirements and are safe for the home user.
  • The Traditional Use of Dairy Produce – Part 1 – Milk
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] These fairly basic tips may seem quite irrelevant to most modern householders who own a refrigerator, but modern technology do make people sloppy and so it is very worth while to know ‘why’ we ought do some things. For example, it is worth remembering these tips when your refrigerator is broken or is so small that it will not hold everything you have, such as when camping or boating or on holiday in some (parts of) countries in the world.
  • How to Use Dairy Produce – Part 2 – Cheese
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] Cheese is manufactured from milk which has been naturally or artificially turned sour. The former method is achieved by standing the milk in a warm place and allowing natural, beneficial bacteria to convert the milk’s natural sugars into lactic acid. The latter method is effected by adding an enzyme, usually in to form of rennet.
  • The Traditional Use of Dairy Produce – Part 3 – Eggs
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] Eggs can be fresh or dried, dried eggs being only chickens’ eggs without the shell and water. Dried egg should be stored in a cool, dry place – it may not be stored in the refrigerator!
  • How to Use Dairy Produce – Part 4 – Eggs (cont)
    [Food-and-Drink:Cooking-Tips] Poaching: boil 1.5 inches (40mm) water in a shallow pan; add 5 g of salt and a teaspoon of vinegar. Crack an egg into a cup, inspect and pour into boiling water. Turn down the heat. Fold the white around the unbroken yolk with a spoon and continue to simmer for another 3-4 mins. Lift out with a draining spoon and serve on warm buttered toast.
  • Home Schooling and Its Effects
    [Reference-and-Education:Home-Schooling] Home schooling or homeschooling, if you want (in deed, you even see it hyphenated, as in home-schooling) has been around for about 30 years now, although, of course it was all pupils had before state involvement in education. Out of the way sparcely-populated places in huge countries like the USA, Canada and Australia still have to rely on home schooling to a large extent, although it is easier now with the popularization of radio, television and the Internet. Video packages also have an important role, as do books still.
  • Finding Snakes and Reptiles
    [Pets:Reptiles-Amphibians] There are few places in the world that haven’t been colonised by snakes and other reptiles. Snakes are even to be found in towns, although it is only the friendlier ones that tend to survive human wrath. However, if you want to find some of the more uncommon snakes, you could try in parks and fields, on beaches or in rivers and ponds and even in the sea, depending on where you live, of course as sea snakes are inclined to inhabit warmer, tropical waters.
  • My Experience With the Atkins Diet (part 1)
    [Health-and-Fitness:Weight-Loss] I read my first Atkins Diet book when I was working in an office in Barry, south Wales. I had been working there for about five years and had put on a lot of excess weight.
  • How to Get Customers to Your Website
    [Internet-and-Businesses-Online:Traffic-Building] If you are into marketing on the Internet, you will be marketing a website of one kind or another. Maybe you own the URL of that web site or you’re promoting a generic link which contains your affiliate code. Whether you own the site or not, the problem remains the same – how do you get enough interested visitors to your site, so that, if they like your product and can afford it, they will have a chance to buy it, before they get bored and move on.
  • Starting a Marketing Business Online
    [Internet-and-Businesses-Online:Internet-Marketing] New business opportunities have grown in newly-invented sectors of activity with the development of ecommerce. How do people make money on the Internet? Well, it does not matter whether we are talking about businesses selling products or services, the basics of whether the Internet business is working or not is best judged by sales.
  • Why Get a Clear Computer Case?
    [Computers-and-Technology:Hardware] What is a translucent computer housing and what could it do for you? Well, before we commence talking about the transparent computer case, allow me to inquire you something: what does your computer’s casing signify to you? I can even inquire: what does your computer signify to you?
  • Razor A Scooter
    [Automotive:Motorcycles] What does that expression make you think about? If you have kids, I’m certain that you’re already aware of the Razor A scooter series, but they weren’t around when we were kids. However, the idea was, even though I forget the brand names from my youth.
  • Common Indoor Bugs
    [Home-Improvement:Pest-Control] The common indoor bugs we see are flies, spiders, fleas and beetles. No-one likes to have insects indoors, so most people go to almost any extremes to eradicate these common indoor bugs. Less common indoor bugs may be woodlice, earwigs, scorpions and millipedes or centipedes, although they are no less unwelcome.
  • All About Tanning Bed Bulbs
    [Health-and-Fitness:Beauty] There are many reasons why someone may want to tan their skin and there are home tanning bed bulbs to suit every reason. There are tanning bed bulbs for all skin colours and types and tanning bed bulbs to produce any depth of colour either quickly or slowly. The choice of which tanning bed bulbs to buy is not an easy one for the home tanning bed owner.
  • College Students Loans
    [Finance:Student-Loans] Let’s just say that you have a teenager who will soon be graduating from high school. You will feel happy of course, the same as any other parent whose child is graduating from high school. It is one of those milestones in life that you have successfully passed, despite all the financial obstacles that you have probably experienced.
  • Tips to Get a UK Visitor’s Visa
    [Travel-and-Leisure] Getting a visitor’s visa into the UK can be a daunting task and a very frustrating one, particularly if the visitor is from a poorer country. It can also be more difficult if there exists a romantic attachment between the visitor and the sponsor. This article sets out to help the sponsor get the applicant a UK visitor’s visa.
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