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There are in Ontario Canada real estate Brokerages that specialize in holding a real estate agents license for those that are in-active or working on a part-time basis. One such company with a 15 year history of service is New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage. By transferring your real estate license to our realty license holding company you will still be able to sell or buy real estate and continue to earn referrlng commissions when you refer your business out to other Brokers. When you hold your license with us, there are no real estate board fees to pay and the savings is passed on to you.

These sales people may include those that are part-time; sales people that are taking a break from the business for a short while; or the salespeople that want to quit for the time being, but they still want to keep their license in force for future use. In joining our firm there are NO Real Estate Board fees to pay, just a small annual fee to us.

Yes, I am a Broker/Manager and want to refer my in-active real estate agents to your holding company Brokerage.

Yes I am a new/Veteran real estate agent and want to park my license for future use and save on most expenses.  

I also understand that I can still sell or refer business and still receive a high commission split in my favor

so please get back to me asap with more details:

In many cases over the years, agents who have transferred to us, have referred their clients, Buyers and/or Sellers back to a trutsed agents with their Broker of Origin. We are a Real Estate Brokerage Firm and under R.E.C.O. Holding your license does not mean you cannot trade in real estate. You can trade in real estate in Ontario but since we do not belong to any real estate board or Association, you will not have access to the MLS system.

Attension Brokers, Managers, and all licensed real estate agents across Ontario including new graduates. Our service and flexibility towards your needs as a real estate salesperson maybe exactly what you are looking for. Let our experience and proven success assist you in keeping your real estate license active while taking away all the expenses you have that you do not need anymore. If you should require further information or explanation, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Call Philip Caputi, park your real estate agent license specialist toll free at 1-800-537-1931 or direct on his cell at 416-453-8215.

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